ART by Stahl


static on tv
waking at 2:13
dawn never breaks
signal lost
station unavailable
are you connected
are you still watching
shutting down
sleep timer set

acrylics in glues and paste on canvas

size - 12" x 12"
$75 (unframed)


Every smile

Every laugh

The way your hand fits in mine

Every walk

Down life’s winding path

Every drink

From your loving cup

Every nibble

On my ear before a kiss

All these romantic gestures

That I miss

acrylics in glues and paste on canvas

size - 36" x 12"
$150 (unframed)

Exclusively Showing at 
Escondido Art Association gallery
121 West Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025
showing through April, 2024

Horrors Freedom

they creak in the night
with a moon less light
a distant scream calling
pushes us forward
to freedom so bright

acrylics in glue on reclaimed wood
size - 18" x 24"
$75 (unframed)

The Morning
(there will be joy)

The darkest nights

The roughest storms

The endless ache

The deepest fears

There may be challenges

There may be chaos

There may be tears

It will all be worth it

In the morning

there will be joy

mixed media on reclaimed canvas
size - 24" x 36"
$100 (unframed)

New York City
Hot SpotS

the city
shining so bright
burning blue
the light of heat

glues and acrylics on canvas
size - 24" x 20"
$150 (framed)

Towards a Definition

A new understanding taking shape.
Imagining the possibilities of love.
Joining of spirits.
Creating a new reality.
Where you, me, we, become us.
Reborn and moving….
Towards a Definition. 

glues and acrylics on canvas

size - 16" x 20"
$50 (unframed)

Doesn't Mean I'm Done

When does done mean done? You may be gone, but not forgotten. You hide in the cracks of memories. Not quite faded and slipping out of focus. Here today, and another day, and another. Over you, moved on, in the past, long gone, and it still doesn't mean I'm done.

acrylics and glues on canvas

size - 20" x 24"
$75 (unframed)