Free Art

Another great love of Shane's is travel.
On his most recent trips, Shane has began leaving small pieces of art in random public places.
Those who find this free art are encouraged to share it on social media, keep it to enjoy, or pass it along to another art lover.

Spain- November 2023
*credit to 1989 Taylor's Version for inspriation

Wonderland (STAHL version)

Wish You Would (STAHL version)

Say Don't Go (STAHL version)

James Dean Daydream

I Know Places #1

I Know Places #2

We Go Crashing Down

I Know Places #3

I Know Places #4

I Know Places #5

Philippines - August 2023

Across Our Universe

Breakthrough Barbie

Across Arizona

My Imagination

Electro Dizzy Nights

By the Moonlight

Everybody Talks 1

Everybody Talks 2

Everybody Talks 3