The Morning
(there will be joy)

The darkest nights

The roughest storms

The endless ache

The deepest fears

There may be challenges

There may be chaos

There may be tears

It will all be worth it

In the morning

there will be joy

mixed media on canvas

size - 24" x 36"

We Have Never

Face gone flush

Butterflies storming in my stomach

The knot growing tighter

I just may puke

Filled with anxiety

Vexed by doubt

I turn to reach

Then stop

You open the door

The moment gone

Intensity has peaked

Possibility begins to plummet

Second guessing myself

I find a way home

We have never been this close before.

mixed media on canvas

size - 20" x 10"


The road ahead from where I’ve been, spanning oceans of time, traveling ever forward, the clock turning back.
Stay the course or cross my path, all directions head into the unknown.

glues and acrylics on canvas

size - 10" x 12"

Been Here Before

Caution! Uneven road ahead.
Rockslide area just around the bend.
Road is slippery, even when dry.
Lane narrows, now entering a flash flood zone, ice warning, bridge ahead is out.
Traffic diverted, alternate route suggested. Rough road, no passing lane.
What you can’t go around, you just gotta go through.
Slow traffic, keep to the right.
Yes, you’ve been here before.

acrylics, glues, craft foam on canvas
size -
12” x 12

Look in a mirror instead

Want the truth

Want the love

Want the passion

Want the joy

Want the laughter

search the world for the want

find only a need for more

look in a mirror instead

find beauty in the view

acrylics, glues, modpodge on canvas
size - 12” x 12”

Sex Life

In the United States today, having a sex life is a revolutionary act.
A Women’s right to make her own health and sex decisions have been stripped.
Transgender and Transsexual existence, Same-Sex intercourse, Interracial marriage are next.
This is a call for a new sexual revolution.
A revolution of sexual rights and protections.
A mandate to protect our right to a fulfilling and joyful life - a Sex Life.

acrylics, glues, modpodge on plywood
size - 20.5” x 20.5”

United by protest

In solidarity with those who have always marched… towards freedom, towards progress, towards a brighter tomorrow.

glues and acrylics on plywood

size - 30.5" x 13"

Girls can do everything boys can do and more

In vibe with Ms. Jackson, if ya nasty. Until there is a guarantee of freedom and independence for everyone who isn’t white and male…. #FUCKTHEFOURTH

glues and acrylics on plywood

size - 48" x 13.5"

Life Affirming

In protest for the rights of our sisters, aunties, mothers, cousins, grandmothers, girlfriends, besties, and queens denied and revoked their independence.

glues and acrylics on plywood

size - 48" x 12"

Towards a Definition

A new understanding taking shape. Imagining the possibilities of love. Joining of spirits. Creating a new reality. Where you, me, we, become us. Reborn and moving…. Towards a Definition.

glues and acrylics on canvas

size - 16" x 20"

Doesn't Mean I'm Done

When does done mean done? You may be gone, but not forgotten. You hide in the cracks of memories. Not quite faded and slipping out of focus. Here today, and another day, and another. Over you, moved on, in the past, long gone, and it still doesn't mean I'm done.

glues and acrylics on canvas

size - 20" x 24"

The Only Thing Stronger

Bound and restrained. Depression and anxiety.
Fear of anything, everything. Surrounded by hate armed with unbalanced power.
Needing more than survival.
Calling on reserves. Building something better to leave the future. Leaning into love. It’s the only thing stronger.

glues and acrylics on canvas

size - 12" x 12"

Opening the Door

Seeking, finding. What's behind the door. Opening to the universe, into the void.

glues and acrylics on canvas

two pieces
size - 12" x 9" each

The Shape of the Void

There are gaps in memories, spaces of emptiness where friends once stood. A constant absence, reminding of a lacking and longing to be whole again. An attempt to balance the universe, embracing the expanding hollowness of time.

glues and acrylics on canvas

size - 9" x 12"

NYC Hot Spots

Commissioned Piece

glues and acrylics on canvas

size - 24" x 20"

Resistance of Memory

Each day felt like a minute suspended for a week and hour. Each month seemed never-ending. Anxiety, Depression, Compulsion, Agoraphobic tendencies, and Anger were on full tilt from wake to sleep. It's no secret why the memory resists and accurate retelling.

glues and acrylics on canvas

size - 20" x 16"